• Mon. Mar 8th, 2021


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Everyone knows (or should know, by now) that you need an antivirus package on your computer. There is a lot of nasty malware out there, and you need protection.

But what about your smartphone or tablet? Does your Android phone need an antivirus? What about your iPad? How about a Blackberry or Windows Phone?

The short answer is: Yes! You need some form of security app on your smartphone or tablet. Security vulnerabilities exist for all these devices. But how likely are you to encounter malware and your options for protection depend on the devices you use.

Android app stores, including Google Play, have a tendency toward the lax side of security when screening new apps. Although the introduction of Play Protect and better overall Google Play security has improved the situation, Android-specific malware slips through the security net.

Ransomware is an especially insidious threat, and while the number of consumer attacks is decreasing, ransomware targeting businesses continues to rise. That said, the main issue facing Android devices is credential and data theft, and unwanted advertisement.